The End of an Era

If you don't know me but you've been following The Bar League CLE, you may have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately.  I moved to the Washington DC area in December, so I no longer get to explore the bars of Cleveland very often!

The Bar League started in January of 2016 as a New Year's resolution of sorts.  I knew I wanted to start a fun, creative project (this blog!) and I wanted an excuse to hang out with friends that didn't revolve around sports.  I found myself tagging along to my friends' rec league volleyball and basketball games just so I could see them and perhaps grab a drink afterwards.  So, I decided to start a league of my own that left out the sports and just went straight to the bar: The Bar League!

Throughout 2016 & 2017, I gathered friends and friends-of-friends every few weeks to check out a different bar around Cleveland.  New friendships and relationships were formed through our happy hour excursions, and we got to meet some of "the regulars" at random watering holes around town.  I am so thankful for the great memories I have made with my Bar League crew.  When I am older and look back at my 20s, I know I'll happily remember that time I started "The Bar League." 

Some favorite memories:

  1. Bar bowling with the regulars at the Red Rose Cafe
  2. Watching the Cavs while eating a ginormous $5 burger at Lakewood Village Tavern 
  3. Discovering a hidden tropical paradise at Porco
  4. My interview with the team behind Sibling Revelry Brewery
  5. Crab racing
  6. Being popular at McGinty's, thanks to Bella
  7. The many new breweries in CLE, including Masthead & Noble Beast
  8. Our private tour of Market Garden's production facility
  9. Pizza & pups on the patio at Terrestrial Brewing
  10. Celebrating our final Bar League event at Thirsty Dog (and my least favorite memory: the hangover that followed... on moving day!)

Maybe The Bar League CLE will be resurrected someday, or I'll launch a DC Bar League.  But for now, I am thankful for the memories and friendships that I've made on our adventures. 

Cheers to whatever new adventures lie ahead!