Story Club at BottleHouse

Yesterday I met my friend Alex at BottleHouse in Cleveland Heights.  Alex wanted to go to Story Club, an open mic night for story telling.  I didn't know anything about Story Club, but decided to go anyway to check it out.  I figured worst case scenario, I'll have a beer and get to see a good friend.

Like Comedy Night at East End Bistro, I went into the event with low expectations.  Normally I would avoid something like Story Club.  The idea of listening to strangers tell stories over a mic for an hour sounded, well, boring!  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The evening began with three eight-minute (true!) stories.  The stories captured a variety of emotions-- some were inspirational, and some were simply funny.  All were well thought out and presented nicely. At the end, featured storyteller Lori Hollins spoke and shared stories that filled the room with laughter.  I was impressed by all of the storytellers, and found it relaxing and comforting to simply sit and listen on a rainy day.

Entry to this event was free.  Donations were accepted to support The City Mission.  Additionally, I purchased BottleHouse's Community Pilsner.  They are donating 10% of all sales to Catholic Charities Refugee & Migration Services.  #drinkforthecause

BottleHouse was packed with standing room only for this event.  I can see why!  It was a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Story Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at BottleHouse on Lee in Cleveland Heights.  Add it to your Cleveland bucket list!