Crab Racing at Around the Corner

Most bars feature some kind of entertainment a few days a week to get people in the door..  Karaoke, trivia, and live music are common.  But I haven't found another bar that does what Around the Corner does on Friday nights: Crab racing!

Racing hermit crabs at Around the Corner is something you must add to your Cleveland bucket list.  Around 11pm, you'll find hordes of twenty-somethings gather around the hexagonal table at the bar eagerly waiting for the races to begin.  Bring a wad of singles and grab a drink, then claim your spot at the table.  To play, all you need is $1.  You'll tell the host which hermit crab you'd like to race, and cross your fingers that your crab crosses the yellow finish line before all of the other crabs.  Inevitably, a handful of the crabs will decide to take a nap during the race-- just hope your crab isn't one of them!

If your crab wins, you get to keep the money that was bet on the crabs (usually about $25).  Sometimes the host switches things up at the end of the night, and the loser has to buy everyone shots-- I've learned to avoid placing a bet during that final round of crab racing.  Let's just say its a mistake you only make once.

Even if you're not participating in the crab races, there's always plenty of entertainment at "club ATC."  It is one of the largest (and most popular) bars in Lakewood.  Head to the warehouse for music and dancing, or hop outside on the patio for a drink at their full outdoor bar.

Next time you're wondering what to do on the weekend, grab your squad, some cash, and a good luck charm and head to Around the Corner on the west end of Lakewood to place your bets on Cleveland's favorite hermit crabs!